Who are you?

There’s a link to my e-mail address on the home page.

You can fill this out too:


Here’s a handy list of who you might be.

It could be that several of these are you. It could be that you want one or more of these to be you. It could even be that none of these are you. In any case, let’s talk about who you are, and what Go Fisch can do for you and your business.

1. A non-profit organization dedicated to a great cause, but who needs a larger donor base, better press coverage of your mission, and quality online text and images to use for grant proposals.

2.  A public relations professional who wants to add online branding functionality and social media to the repertoire you offer to new and existing clients.

3.  A brick-and-mortar businessperson who knows that social media and web presence are a doorway to greater success, but is too busy baking cakes, designing dresses, recording music, practicing law, or treating sick animals to develop a digital identity.

4.  A brilliant music teacher, party planner, or bed and breakfast owner who is a little bit internet-phobic and overwhelmed by options, and needs a savvy advisor to teach you how best to turn the Internet marketplace to your advantage.

5.  A chef or restauranteur who wants to build a devoted online following, one who will show up for special events, book their parties at your place, try the specials you Instagram about, and spread word of mouth about how delicious you are.

6.  A yoga instructor looking to establish a nurturing, hip, and health-conscious online reflection of your teaching.

7.  An author, band, or artist who wants to reach critics and new audiences by creating grass-roots guerrilla marketing on your own terms.


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