Go Fisch New Media

Why me?


I’ve got teeth, y’all.

1. Social media is fun for me.

I’m an ardent social media practitioner, and I love the wit and creativity and personal connection that can go into it. I’ve got 2000+ Facebook friends with whom I interact regularly, and take pride in entertaining. It’s an art form, and a force. Creative use of social media is a passion for me!

2. I’m experienced.

I’ve used social media to promote my own projects and ideas since 2007.  I’ve helped establish a social media presence for family members, friends, artists, businesses, and nonprofits. I’ve also participated in the existing social media of whatever organization I’m working for, including publications such as New Statesman (UK) and The San Antonio Current, special events like Luminaria 2014 and the Artist Foundation Elf Ball, and organizations like the San Antonio Department for Culture and Creative Development. In each case, I illustrated the core values and objectives of the client through effective social media, including Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram accounts, and blog posts.

 3. I have formal training in multimedia and marketing.

As part of my Annenberg Fellowship M.A. coursework in Arts Journalism at the University of Southern California, I underwent a minor technological trial by fire, and a major paradigm shift. I started the graduate program as a traditional critic and journalist. USC jump-started my technical skillset, forcing me to become at least minimally proficient in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator, Final Cut Pro (7), HTML, WordPress, SEO, and Google Analytics. I practiced documentary filmmaking and professional video editing, learned to build websites focussed on monetization and marketing, created experimental multimedia through the Institute for Media Literacy under the School for Cinematic Arts, and read countless academic articles, case studies, business plans, and theories about the digital universe overtaking traditional print journalism. I came out of grad school more uncertain than ever about making a living as an arts writer, which is ironic. But I also saw that right now is a fascinating time to be a creative and curious human being.

4. I get results.

I’m a talented communicator, and I’m good at accruing Instagram followers, Facebook likes, and re-tweets. But here are two anecdotes to give you a more holistic idea of my social media practice:

In 2010, I needed to raise a $8000 grant on deadline through United States Artists, in order to research and write a series of stories about art in South Texas, the Border and the Rio Grande Valley for an esteemed online art publication called Glasstire. I asked for support through Facebook, Twitter, and direct emails. I made a short promotional YouTube video a day in the week leading up to the fundraising deadline, and generated engaging social media content to keep people interested in my mission. I met my goal! I then turned to social media to thank my supporters, keep in touch with my audience, and allow viewers “behind the scenes” during my travels (this is when I learned the power of Instagram!) I also used social media to disseminate the resulting feature stories, of course. This experience taught me volumes about the power of social media, the effectiveness of creative multimedia, and the value of a consistent message across platforms.

In 2014, I worked as a blogger and social media coordinator for Luminaria 2014. At first I volunteered to do some Facebook posting, but this grew into a Public Relations Coordinator role, during which time the official Luminaria 2014 page views jumped from an average of 800 a day, to over 7000 a day. This increase was due to many factors, mind you, including the need for information on the part of the audience, and the existing social media infrastructure. But the views spiked following my posts to Facebook and Instagram promoting my informational blog posts. I also implemented a social media algorithm that takes into account post timing, hashtag diversity, engaging copy, rapid response to changing developments, and cross-promotion. I got good at this. In fact, the whirlwind experience of digital PR for Luminaria 2014 inspired me to start Go Fisch New Media!

5. I did stand-up comedy in New York City for eight years.

Need a snappy tagline? A punchy twist to your ad copy? An off-the-wall idea for a social media campaign? I think a little funny, and it comes in handy.

But enough about me.

Your social media brand isn’t about me. I’m a toolbox you can use! This is what social media can bring to light: your story, your mission, your creativity, your perspective, and your passion.

Trust me. This is going to be fun.












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